IT Support

Destek is your trusted IT support specialist.

When your business is interrupted or stops functioning due to slow performance or failure of your technology, contact us for fast, professional service to get your business running again. Problems with your computers, servers, network, and peripherals can be quickly resolved by our highly trained and qualified technicians.

Here are the most common services we provide for hourly support clients:


Hardware Installation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

We can install and configure the right types of hardware for your small and medium business. Properly configured servers, computers, firewalls, and network devices help your business function smoothly. We troubleshoot and repair all hardware problems.


Network Installation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

We can install and configure wired and wireless networks and troubleshoot network issues that are slowing your business down, such as network connectivity problems to servers and network printers.


Systems and Network Administration

We can provide onsite and remote systems administration for your servers, computers, and network devices, including Active Directory management.



We can provide a quote on projects for things such as server, or other hardware upgrades, data/voice cabling, office moves, data migration, cloud services implementations, (such as Office 365), etc.


Hardware and Software Sales

We work with all vendors to ensure you get the IT equipment you need to successfully operate your business. Some of the many products we offer include:

Computers | Servers | Networking Equipment | Peripherals | Software | Licenses


Remote Support

If you are requiring remote support please click here

You will be redirected to our download link and you can install our agent. 

This then will give us the ability to do a remote connect to assist.

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