Network Design

Your network is critical to ensure your data, and business functions relying on the Internet, can be accessed and are always available.  All your systems are completely reliant on the network and business suffers when there are connectivity problems. Without network and Internet access, productivity grinds to a halt and revenue is lost. To ensure your network is reliable and secure, Destek can plan, design, and implement a networking solution to meet your existing and future needs.

Datto Family of Products


Datto Networking Switches seamlessly connect devices and users on the network, enabling users to work smarter and faster. Switches include robust Layer 2 management features including line rate switching, link aggregation, port mirroring/trunking, STP, IGMP snooping, VLAN, port security, storm control, port isolation, attack prevention, ACL, SNMP, and more.


Proactive Monitoring
Datto Networking Switches are remotely managed in the Datto Partner Portal. This means Destek can better monitor and proactively manage the network and all of the connected devices, including the ability to remotely enable, disable, or power cycle ports. Destek can get visibility into any IP device’s power consumption on a per port basis or across all connected devices. This increased visibility enables us to proactively head off any potential problems, including external security threats.

Datto Family of Products


 Datto Networking Appliance

The Datto Networking Appliance solves one of the most important networking problems SMBs face today: Keeping the Internet up and running even if the primary Internet connection goes down. And let’s face it. This happens all of the time, especially if your business is relying on a local cable company to deliver its Internet.

The Datto Networking Appliance delivers fully integrated 4G LTE failover for when the main Internet connection goes down. And we do this without requiring a contract with the wireless carrier. And we don’t track your data usage. We simply keep your Internet up so that you can continue to work.

But There’s More

Solving the always connected Internet problem is big. But we’re not satisfied with just that. That’s why we built the Datto Networking Appliance to deliver a built-in edge router, 802.11ac WiFi, stateful firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, robust VPN capabilities and more. You see, we built the appliance to be all-in-one networking so that Destek can deliver powerful networking to you in a single compact device.

Wireless Access Points

WiFi networking should always be available, highly accessible, and seamless to every user. That’s why Datto Networking WiFi access points deliver powerful, seamless roaming for always connected WiFi. With options ranging from our 2×2 Wave 2 AP to the tri-radio AP62, end users experience powerful WiFi, backed by destek and the team at Datto


We do all cabling associated with network installations.

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