Managed IT Services


Do these issues plague your business?

  • No Technology Plan? Does your organization lack a strategy for how technology can best serve it into the future?
  • IT Budget Crunch? Under pressure to reduce IT costs, increase value or maximize profitability?
  • Management Struggles? Need to find a more efficient way to manage your company’s technology?

 Managed IT Services GTADestek provides full managed services so you can focus on running your business knowing your IT needs are being proactively taken care of by a trusted IT service company acting as your virtual CIO and IT support department.  Managed services provide increased reliability, security, and uptime, and covers routine IT tasks and crises management such as a server crash, while providing predictable IT service costs to ensure your business technology is proactively monitored, managed, and maintained. All your IT maintenance needs are looked after for one monthly recurring fee, based on a free IT assessment of your business. Industry Best Practices and Standards are utilized to ensure measurable service quality.

Destek provides your organization with complete desktop protection that acts as the first line of defense against viruses and security threats as a result of outdated Anti-virus software and unpatched systems.  We will also ensure that your critical files and folders are continually being backed up and protected in the event of a user error, PC failure or natural disaster. Our #1 goal is to keep your PCs safe and your employees productive.

Destek offers three levels of Managed Services which can be customized to meet your needs. Products can be purchased individually. Contact Destek today for a needs assessment.


Be Proactive. Be Prepared. Save Time and Money.

Top 7 Benefits of using Managed IT services
  1. Leverage Our IT Expertise and Experience! You and your employees have more important things to focus on, and the ongoing safety and security of your PCs shouldn’t have to be one of them. Leverage AV Defender solution for maximum protection and insight.
  2. Reduce Operating Costs
    One security incident or an unpatched desktop can stop your employees from being 100% productive, which will affect your bottom line. A virus can hit many machines and take weeks to eradicate. By removing this risk, it will save you money!
  3. Protect Your Company’s Critical Assets and Information
    Combining our award-winning AV software with our patch management solution will ensure an additional layer of protection for your workstation environment. We will ensure that all of your Microsoft applications and platforms, as well as your 3rd Party applications remain up to date with the latest patches.
  4. Keep Employees Protected and Safeguard Their Important Data Files
    We all make mistakes and accidently deleted an important file or email, or misplaced or had a laptop stolen. With our Managed Backup solution we can recover your missing information, or restore your data to a new laptop and get you pack up and running in no time!
  5. Increased Productivity: Continuous insight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution
  6. Reduced Business Impact from IT Failures: Combining preventative maintenance and remote monitoring means we minimize failures that could impact your business. Your network behaves in a stable and reliable manner
  7. Reduced Network Downtime Through Proactive Maintenance: Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter

Basic Monitoring Plan

The basic monitoring plan provides the basis for monitoring the health of your technology and provides you with reports for proper IT decision making and planning. Identify issues before they cause you downtime. It includes:

  • Daily performance and health check of servers, computers, and network devices
  • Daily monitoring of Anti-virus functionality and update status
  • Check essential Windows services and Event logs
  • Disk health check to monitor for smart disk alerts
  • Failed login check to determine unauthorized login attempts
  • Asset tracking and inventory management
  • Remote support agent for faster problem resolution
  • Daily and weekly status reports emailed directly to you
  • Service Desk Portal, (Helpdesk), for issue reporting, tracking and resolution
  • System tray icon for faster support requests and useful tool

Essential  Plan

The essential plan includes everything in the basic monitoring plan, plus the essential security, maintenance, and remote support that any business should have to keep their technology working properly.

  • Dashboard portal access for remote connectivity and asset status
  • Endpoint Detection and Response on all endpoints for increased security and protection
  • Web protection and bandwidth monitoring to secure users from web threats
  • Vulnerability scanning and management
  • Email security, Spam and Virus filtering with 24/7 Continuity
  • Remote support of all hardware and network systems
  • Automated proactive system maintenance and patch management
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning
  • Automatic cloud backup of documents
  • Secure password and document management


Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan includes everything in the basic monitoring and essential plans, plus these additional services to ensure your technology investment is kept secure, well maintained, and in peak performance. Also includes on-site support.

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting for servers, computers and network devices
  • Active Directory configuration, user, and mailbox maintenance
  • Cloud Services Management and Administration – Microsoft 365
  • Firewall and network device configuration, updates and monitoring
  • Regular Risk Intelligence scans to locate sensitive data stored on servers and computers
  • Mobile device management for tracking, security, and remote wipe capability
  • Secure email archiving and legal hold
  • SaaS Protection – Microsoft 365 data automatic backup and retention
  • Server hybrid/cloud backup with reporting
  • Proactive monthly server maintenance
  • IT planning and policy development assistance
  • Network documentation
  • Detailed monthly reporting for change management and IT planning
  • On-site support to resolve issues as necessary



Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we developed our à la carte IT support program. The à la carte program allows you to customize your support and service needs directly related to your critical business services, all at a cost effective price.

This offering allows you to select individual services that meet specific needs within your business. You may not need a fully outsourced IT department, but everyone needs to avoid viruses, backup failures, and wasted time on emails you should have never received.

Simply work with us to determine what services make sense for you, and we’ll ensure that you have a solution tailored to your needs. You know your business better than anyone, so we put the decision and purchasing power in your hands!

“Destek’s flexible support options let me tailor a solution that met my business’ needs, and helped me get more out of my technology.”


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